🏛️Project Overview

An ever-expanding DeFi play.

TokenQuest is a DeFi project on BSC with the goal of creating an ecosystem where users are incentivized through engaging quests and features to contribute to the platform and earn rewards.

TokenQuest features consistent quests for users to complete and earn rewards, stake & yield options, partner rewards pools, and reflective & compounding (BNB & tGOLD) rewards, forged with a burn-oriented system to bolster the overall features and well-being of the project.

There is a 1% fee on each transaction to bolster tQUEST burns and tGOLD BNB Rewards.

Will be available on launch:

  • Compounding BNB Rewards: Burn your tQUEST into tGOLD and compound BNB rewards.

  • Reflective tGOLD Rewards: For each tGOLD minted, an additional 0.5 tGOLD is minted as a reflection reward for current tGOLD holders. Holders earn their part based on their share of the circulating tGOLD supply and auto-compound their rewards.

  • Quests and Campaigns: Complete Galxe and Zealy Campaigns to reap big airdrop rewards.

  • Auto-Burning Liquidity: 0.1% of tQUEST tokens in the liquidity burned every 28 minutes.

  • Stake & Yield Farms: Pools to stake or provide liquidity in order to multiply rewards.

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