⬆️Limited Token Boosters

The Token Boosters are designed to incentivize and reward users within the ecosystem, utilizing TokenQuest's distinct types of tokens: tQUEST and tGOLD.

The mechanism allows users to open boosters and earn additional tQUEST and tGOLD rewards multiplying with the duration of the booster. The system rewards users for their participation and encourages long-term involvement by offering multiplied rewards for longer durations.

Boosters are limited assets and can only be created if the boosterContract holds any tGOLD tokens.

Operational Mechanism

  1. Opening a Booster: Users can open a booster by using a minimum of 100 tQUEST tokens. The chosen duration of the booster determines the APY for tQUEST rewards and the multiplier for tGOLD rewards.

  2. Earning Rewards: Immediately upon opening a booster, users earn 28% of the calculated tGOLD rewards. The calculation considers the boosted amount, the duration of the booster, and the associated multiplier.

  3. Claiming Rewards: Users can claim their boosted tQUEST tokens and the remaining 72% tGOLD rewards after the booster duration ends.

Booster Types

Users have the option to open boosters with varying durations, each offering a specific APY for tQUEST rewards and a multiplier for tGOLD rewards:

30-Day Booster: 15% APY - 5x Multiplier

90-Day Booster: 30% APY - 20x Multiplier

180-Day Booster: 50% APY - 50x Multiplier

365-Day Booster: 75% APY - 128x Multiplier

Reward Distribution

  • Upon Opening, The user receives 28% of the total tGOLD rewards.

  • Upon Ending: The user receives 72% of the total tGOLD rewards.

Limitations and Rules

  • Boosters cannot be canceled after opening.

  • A single wallet can open a maximum of 100 boosters.

  • tGOLD minted by boosters does earn BNB and tGOLD reflection rewards as usual; however, they do not reflect tGOLD rewards to current tGOLD holders during minting.

  • A maximum of 10,000 tGOLD tokens can be minted by boosters globally. After the tGOLD in the booster contract is depleted, the opening of new boosters will be disabled.

  • 20% of the amount used for boosters goes to the main contract and increases the Global Burn Limit. The remaining 80% stays in boosterContract for pool payments.

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